As a curator Alexis Mendoza  investigates and explores Contemporary Latin American Art,  the current tendencies in African Art and African-American Art . Mr. Mendoza had curated projects in Latin American, Europe and the United States. Co-founder and co-creator of the Bronx Latin American Art Biennial project that evolved into the New York Latin American Art Triennial (Active Chief Curator); Founding member of BxArts Factory; currently he is the Artistic Director of Tabula RaSa NYC Theater and Performance Lab, New York. Alexis Mendoza is also the author of books, such as: “Latin America, The Culture and the New Men” (2007); “Objective Reference of Painting: The work of Ismael Checo, 1986-2006” (2006); “Reflections: The Sensationalism of the Art from Cuba” (2009); “Dear Democracy” (2019). All four published by Wasteland Press; and Rigo Peralta: Revelaciones de un Universo Místico (2010), published by Argos Publications, Dominican Republic. 


The New York Latin American Art Triennial is dedicated to organizing exhibitions of contemporary art and cultural programming through which it seeks to promote and enrich our Latin American culture. These exhibitions are intended to provide diverse educational programs that allow a place to engage with contemporary art expressions and investigate a deeper understanding of its role in society. We believe in the fundamental role of education and advocacy through art and in the preservation of the artistic and historic cultural legacies of the Latin American and Caribbean region. The New York Latin American Art Triennial seeks to galvanize the cultural landscape of the communities, complement the academic and visual arts programs of the galleries and institutions, and foster a wider appreciation of contemporary art and cultural understanding.